Election Week in LHS

Election Week in LHS

Ryan O'Toole

This past week, the class elections took place along with the student body elections and they were pretty predictable. Most people who decided to run after winning the previous year  won again this year. These results come as mostly expected by all of the LHS Students, due to the basic consensus that the elections are in fact, a popularity contest.

Most of the time, the candidate who is known by most and liked by most, is elected. This is regardless to anything the candidate says they will do. The week leading up to the voting; cheesy posters are put up on the walls, tweets are sent out, and people advertise on Snapchat for their friends to win whatever it is they are running for.

Furthermore, as a general consensus, most people only run because they want to have an imput on things they find important and do not really care about other subjects. also, it looks pretty good on a college application. These are this years results:

Student Body President: Brian Donahoe
Student Body Vice President: Jason Morgenstern
Student Body Publicist: Mady Lewellyn
Student Body Secretary: Elias Khawam

Senior Class President: Gabby Eisel
Senior Class Vice President: Courtney Ribar
Senior Class Publicist: Nicole Sullenberger
Senior Class Secretary: Maya Costanzo

Junior Class President: Nate Bilski
Junior Class Vice President: Eliza Richardson
Junior Class Publicist: Bryce Mitchell
Junior Class Secretary: Katie Booth

Sophomore Class President: Ella Atfield
Sophomore Class Vice President: Brier Bracken
Sophomore Class Publicist: Mariana Stockman
Sophomore Class Secretary: Cameron Levis