The Final Week

The Final Week

Anna Kotansky

It’s crazy to think that this Thursday, May 25th will be the last time that the seniors will walk in the halls. The last time the seniors will have class. The last time the seniors will be students of Lakewood High School.

Being a senior myself, I can’t help but think about everything that has happened this year. It’s no surprise that seniors get more privileges than the other grades. Seniors are usually leaders of clubs, sections, or sport teams, they can paint at football games, always win in spirit week, they participate in elf week, make cardboard boats Rollercoasters for physics, and attended prom. Some of these things seniors look forward to since freshman year, others seniors dread.

I might sound like a broken record, but senior year really does fly by. August seems so long ago but it is crazy to think that from August to May we have taken the ACT, applied to college, got into college, kept up our GPAs, and participated in as many activities as we can. After thinking about it, I still don’t know how we were able to cram so much in one year of high school.

A few words to describe the last week of high school are “last” and “end.” The “last” lunch period, the “last” class, the “end” of the day, the “end” of this chapter of our lives. Just four years ago we all walked into the high school thinking “Wow! Senior year is so far away!” Surprise! The last day of high school is Thursday.

Good luck to every senior in the years to come. Don’t forget Lakewood High School, all the people you have met, and all the memories you have made.