Kyrie Shines in Cavs Comeback Win

Kyrie Shines in Cavs Comeback Win

Joe Byczek

The Cleveland Cavaliers came back from a ten point half time deficit to defeat the Boston Celtics in game four of the Eastern Conference Finals on Tuesday night by a score of 112-99.

Early on in the game, Lebron James had only ten points and collected four fouls of his own before the half. Having to sit out because of foul trouble, the Cavaliers struggled to get anything going early on in the game. However, Kyrie Irving got things moving a little bit by knocking down a pair of threes and driving to the basket.

After getting things going a bit, he didn’t stop for the rest of that night. He scored his most points ever in a playoff game dropping 42 points and led them and a struggling James to a crucial game four victory. In order for this team to be successful, either him or Lebron need to play at this high of a success rate on top of all the other players doing their job and playing the role they need to.

Without the Celtic’s having their all-star point guard Isiah Thomas everyone thought that the series would become an instant easy sweep for the Cavaliers. However as it turns out, it made them an even more dangerous team that can spread the ball around and create many open looks.

Game five should be interesting to see as the Celtic’s have been playing a lot better and return their home court. If James continues to struggle and Kyrie doesn’t have a top performance game, the series could return to Cleveland for a game six.