A Dime Worth Two Million

A Dime Worth Two Million

caitlin pakosz

One of the rarest dimes in the world has sold for nearly two million dollars. Don’t worry, go home and check your change jar because some of these dimes are actually still in circulation.

the 1894-S barber dime is one of the rarest dimes in the United States. At an auction in Florida a dime went for $1,997,500. Imagine what you cold do with that money just for giving up a dime.

It is pretty unlucky you will come across one of these coins but, they are still in circulation and moving through our money system  as we speak.

The world record for the coin worth the most sold for ten million dollars in 2013. This moment was praised by all the people with the coins. It is ones dream to trade a dime or any coin in for o much money.

Go home and check your coin jars and hope to find one of these snazzy coins! Maybe just maybe you will be the next one on the news for winning a large sum of money.