Adela Alla

Baywatch is an action movie played by really famous actors. This movie was about lifeguards who were more than lifeguards in the aspect that they were also spying on people and investigating crimes. Mitch was the main commander, Stephanie was the second commander, Parker was the hot blonde girl and one of the lifeguards. Ronnie,Summer and Brody were the new lifeguards.

Brody kept telling the other lifeguards that they should not investigate the crimes because that is the police’s job. They only should watch people from drowning and sun burning. Victoria was the owner of the Huntley Club. There was a boat on fire in the beach and Mitch with the other lifeguards went to save them. There were three girls and a guy. The guy was dead and the other girls were high. They said he died because his neck broke and because of smoking, but Mitch did not believe that so he started to investigate.

Mitch, Summer and Brody went to the morgue to check the files. There they found out that his lungs were not damaged and he was dead before the fire. When Frankie and Leon came there to hide the documents, Mitch, Summer and Brody went inside the morgue. In the morgue that Brody went in, there was a dead body and the fat was melting on his face. Brody could not stand it and he got out of the morgue and the guys ran way with the documents. Mitch went after them but could not get any facts.

That day Mitch got fired because that was not his job and Brody took his place. Brody changed so much and he started to investigate the crimes like Mitch and to find where Victoria hides the drugs. That night Victoria was having a big party in a boat and she was planning to kill a business man so she can get all his money. Brody and the other lifeguards went there and there was a lot of stuff happening there. 3 other people die that day. If you want to know what happens next, you should watch the movie.