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    Mrs. Manning

    Mrs. Manning

    Mrs. Manning is one of the best teachers here at LHS. She is sweet, kind, always ready to help her students, and her style is impeccable. No wonder she is the Fashion Design teacher.

    Mrs. Manning does not only teach Fashion Design but also Creative Cooking, Experience with Foods, and Career/College Readiness.It is clear to see that she is a very talented woman, and an incredible teacher.

    I had the chance to take a class with her and she did not only helped me understand my fashion choice but inspired me to know who I want to be as a person. I interviewed her and was impressed by how passionate she is about her job. Take a look:

    Q: When did you decide to become a teacher?

    A: After college. Teaching wasn’t my first career after college, but it was something I always wanted to do, and really enjoy.

    Q: What inspired you to pick Fashion?

    A: It is definitely my passion. I have my undergraduate major in college in Fashion. It is something I’ve always love to do and always will.

    Q: If you could teach anything else, what would it be?

    A: That’s a hard question. I would probably say either Physiology or Pop Culture, because both of those classes have very interesting topics.

    Q: What is your long-term plan for the future?

    A: Long-term I would love to be an assistant principal or a principal. I actually went to school for it, and I’m working on it.

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