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    Great White Shark Leaps Into Man’s Boat


    Terry Selwood. a 73-year-old fisherman was out on his usual fishing trip, when a Great White Shark, measuring up to almost nine-feet-long, hops into his boat. Terry was fishing in Evans Head on Australia’s east coast on Saturday, May 27th.

    “As he was coming down, he hit me on the arm. He knocked me off balance, of course, and I just fell on my hands and knees,” said Selwood. “I looked there to the side and … (thought) ‘this is a bloody shark.'”

    “He was just doing the mad dance and he was thrashing everywhere, so I got up as quick as I could, I grabbed the rocket launcher up the top, and I climbed up on the gunnel,” Selwood said. Then he called for help on his radio.

    Terry called the Evans Head Marine Rescue Unit and told them there was a bloody shark that had just hopped into his boat. A rescue boat and a rescue helicopter were both sent out to search for Terry’s boat. When rescuers arrived, they found Selwood “covered in blood with numerous lacerations on his right forearm,” according to a statement released by the Evans Head Marine Rescue Unit. ”

    The shark was handed over to the Department of Primary Industries where it will be analyzed and used for research and as for Terry, he only needed a few stitches because the shark hit his arm when it was landing in the boat and when the shark was violently jumping around. However, Terry also has a great story to tell his fisherman friends!

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