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    Opinion- Food in Class


    My opinion on having food in class in that it should be allowed. I think having food in class in beneficial for a lot of reasons. One reason that I believe having food in class is beneficial is because some people do not have a lunch period and a lot of teachers do not allow people to eat in their classrooms so for those kids who have no way to eat throughout the day they should be able to eat in class which would give the rest of the school a benefit to eat throughout the day.

    Another reason I believe eating in class is beneficial is because there are many people who have diseases like diabetes and any other disorder that involves needed to have food. For people who have diabetes their sugars go low and they would need food imminently so if they had food with them it would help keep them maintained throughout the day. Diabetics can collapse and pass out and even go into a diabetic comma, to prevent them from falling out we should have food in class at all times.

    One more reason that I believe that eating in class is beneficial is because when you are hungry it is harder to focus on the tasks at hand. Being able to eat and solve those hunger pains can make it easier for people to focus on the tasks assigned by the teachers. Most people can relate to those days when they did not eat breakfast or lunch and they are tired and drowsy in class and can not focus and their stomach hurts, it is not a nice thing to go through.

    Overall  nice way to solve a lot of academic and personal issues with the students at Lakewood High is to allow them to bring food in class or even have some food be able to be sold on each floor.

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