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    World’s Largest Aircraft

    Worlds Largest Aircraft

    A new, double bodied airplane just rolled out for some tests on May 31st. This plane is called the Stratolaunch aircraft and is 500,000 pounds and has the wingspan of about 385 feet, the longest in the world. This plane is also taller than a four-story building. The design of this plane was for the purpose of carrying satellites up into space. The planes will carry the satellites up to about 36,000 feet, and from their will launch the satellites into orbit.

    This new plane would be an advantage for putting up satellites into orbit because it is faster and easier, according to Paul G. Allen, the founder of Stratolaunch. The reason being is that instead of scientists waiting around for a rocket to launch from the ground, the plane can launch from many runaways and fly around to find the best weather conditions.

    Now this plane has a different kind of design, with two bodies, or fuselages while other planes mostly have one. The creators of this plane say that the one on the right, is for the flight crew, while the one of the left is for storing data. This plane also has 6 engines and 28 wheels to help the plane get the plane in and out of the air.

    This important day was the first time that the plane went out of the hangar, and completely supported its own weight. For now, the plane is still undergoing fuel tests, ground testing and taxi testing before the first flight. The company hopes to have the Stratolaunch have its first launch in 2019.

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