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    TOTALITY 2017


    On Monday, August 21st,  North America witnessed one of nature’s most awe-inspiring acts–a Total Solar Eclipse. Anyone within the path of totality was in for an afternoon treat with the ability to observe the first eclipse of the sun in nearly 40 years!

    For a mere two minutes and forty seconds, the sky was shadowed for observers caught within the path of totality, stretching from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. A Total Solar Eclipse is a rarity–the moon momentarily passing between the Sun and Earth, casting a source of orange illumination. With excitement circulating to view the last eclipse of the Sun until 2094, came a steep amount of caution from NASA.

    Looking straight into the sun is never a wise choice. But during the eclipse the ultraviolet rays are accentuate to higher degrees, which will not be in the favor of the majority enticed to catch a glimpse of the sight. For those taking longer than a ‘peak,’ may be experiencing  symptoms of Pl–essentially sun burning insufficiently protected eyes.

    NASA official, Brian Dunbar, severely cautioned the masses to, “vigilantly protect your eyes from totality and the light rays from the sun streaming,” in order to combat the excess exposure to solar radiation that essentially sunburns the naked eye.

    The summer’s hottest commodity, The Official Solar Eclipse glasses, come tailored with solar filters and chic framework –allowing the show to be watched within safe manner. Organizations such as Astronomers Without Borders, a California-based organization, donated nearly 300 million pairs to schools and libraries across the country to encourage participation.

    Although a beautiful sight for sore eyes, the eclipse also symbolizes a multitude of changes in terms of mythology. The emergence instills spiritual significance as it represents rebirth, renewal, and signifies a new cycle. According to Will Milman, author of Solar Eclipse and Mythology, the ancient Chinese praised the Total Solar Eclipse as a  “heavenly sign” that is deemed to predict high importance of the future.

    The moments following an eclipse are claimed to be the optimal time to embrace alterations. Rose Baker, editor of Elite Daily, attests that, “the Solar Eclipse provokes change that ushers in positively to our lives.” The few weeks following the eclipse provide a prime moment to place new goals into tangible practice and take steps toward necessary change.


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