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    Easing Into The New School Year…

    Cute school students raising hands in a modern classroom.
    Cute school students raising hands in a modern classroom.

    Summer months drawing to close annually signifies a multitude of changes by which our days will no longer consist of sleeping in, sunbathing, and doing absolutely everything in our power to avoid the ‘Back-To-School’ signs that fill each store. Beginning a new school year may be daunting by compromising our daily activities in the sun for books and assignments. But we no longer have to dread school routines by establishing new habits that will ease the pain associated with transition–ensuring your best year yet…

    1. PLANNERS- If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail! Reduce your stress quotient significantly while increasing your organization skills by purchasing a planner. Planning is crucial in terms of success by allowing the ability to be prepared for upcoming tests, homework assignments, and project deadlines. The act of writing down upcoming reminders will provide more mental clarity in the midst of juggling a heavy work load.
    2. TEACHER RUMORS- Stay above the gossip about teachers this year by avoiding the opinions of previous students…including the ones on! Although students may have  mixed reviews upon teachers, this by no means should sway you away from taking a certain class, at the default of a friend’s point of view. In the act of building a schedule based on popular opinion or dropping a class out of fear, we hold ourselves back from knowledge and experience that may shape our lives drastically.
    3. SLEEP- Sleep. We all are knowledgeable that it is essential in terms of success to aim for nine to ten hours of ‘shut-eye’ a night. But how many of us actually getting quality hours of sleep? Getting a good nights sleep is essential for everyday mood, energy levels, and overall health that will reflect across your grades. Dr. Robert Rosenberg, author of Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day, recommends avoiding any light-emitting technology for at least one hour before bedtime. “The blue light given off by computers, smartphones, tablets, and TV prevents the production of melatonin which helps the body become sleepy,” he cautions. Trade in your evening habit of scrolling across Instagram and Snapchat for quality sleep to heighten academic success.
    4. MAKE MEMORIES- The memories created in high school will follow you down the path of life–the memories you will later reminisce and look back upon with pride. Going to Friday night football games in the student section, attending school dances, and cheering on in the pep rallies are the activities that high school remembered, the activities that can only be done within these fast four years.
    5. Above all, make this year count!
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