Team Erin

Team Erin

Max Boland

Lakewood High School junior Erin Black has a painful genetic disease called Charcot Marie Tooth (better known as CMT). Since she was 11 years old, Erin has been battling with the nerves in the lower half of her body. At least 3 days a week she has to attend physical therapy and has very recently gone through total foot reconstructive surgery. Black’s struggle may last her whole life if researchers can’t find a conclusive cure, but that’s not stopping her from doing what she loves.

Less than 2 weeks out of surgery and Erin races in the YC Superhero Dash, placing 2nd in the wheelchair division.

Erin participates in a Christian oriented pageant called Job’s Daughters with close friend Lynette Camerlin.

The CMT Association invited Erin to Florida for a special week of swimming with dolphins, meeting up with old friends and being interviewed by People Magazine. She spent this week at the Ritz-Carlton in Miami with her mother, attending a luau and relaxing on the beach.

Although Erin’s family and friends have been extremely supportive throughout this process, it’s Erin’s raw strength and determination that keep her up and moving every day. Charcot Marie Tooth disease chose the wrong girl to mess with! Even though Erin seems to be a normal thriving teen, a cure still needs to be found and funded. Click below to donate or share! Locals can also purchase a $15 tee from Erin Black or Lynette Camerlin.

“CMT has, quite frankly, changed every aspect of my life in good and bad ways. I’ve met amazing people and have had the opportunity to be part of a true family and CMT community. Awareness is so beyond important and is the answer to a cure. Together, I believe we can let the whole world know how horrific this disease is and come together to raise enough money to help people like me, and countless others. My community is the absolute best and continues to support me endlessly. I’m so grateful!” – Erin Black