Elizabeth Skourlis


Chloe Soneson

Elizabeth Skourlis is a cross-country runner for Lakewood High School.  What made her begin running in the first place was social experience.  She began running her Junior year.  Her goal in the beginning of the season was to letter.  In order to accomplish this, she must run a 22.30 or run in the top 7 on the team for four meets.

Her fastest race was 22.36 for a 5k run.  “Some advice I would give a beginner in running is HYDRATE!  It’s definitely the most important.  Also, make sure you cross train so you don’t get shin splints.  I promise once you start, you’ll love it.”  Elizabeth’s favorite memory was last year when she got kidnapped.

Next week, a few select girls including Elizabeth, are going to an invite in New York, called McQuaid.

Good job and congratulations to these girls.