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    Character Sketches and Dialogue by Miranda Larimer


    Amber is a recovering druggy. At the age of 29, she finally got her life on track. She had been abusing alcohol and ecstasy for more than five years. She recently got out of rehab. Since then she has been working at the animal shelter.  Amber is a go getter with a bright personality. She doesn’t mind the set back of her life. She likes to think ahead and not be stuck in the past. Amber is very friendly and easily likable. She does get a temper when certain subject are brought up. She has been in a couple of fights. Her arm has been broken at least twice in the past year.

    Her face is unforgettable. She has these emerald green eyes. Long reddish brown curly hair. Freckles on the bridge of her nose and a little on her cheek. Lips the perfect size and the perfect rosey color. Her smile was the best part. It always a genuine smile. It would brighten up your day just seeing it. Her height is about average, 5’ 4’’. Her body build is very curvy. Not over weight, but also not under weight. You couldn’t tell by the clothes she’s wears. They are baggy and worn down. Her pants have many holes and her shirts have rips. Most of them are hand me downs. She lost all her clothes when she went to rehab three months ago.

    Nothing stands in her way to success. She is very determined. Amber carries around a golden watch. It’s to help remind her to keep her head up. She bought it from an old antique store. The lady who owns the store said it would bring good luck. Amber isn’t really into that stuff but she knew she needed it. She has been strong. Everyone one is proud of her.



    Rick is a very unusual guy. You don’t see him much. He mostly stays in his house. He’s a scientist. By the age of 15 he was already in college. He dropped out at the age of 17. He didn’t believe schools could really teach him. He already knew half the things they taught. He’s now 26, living on his own. No family, just a husky. He has a different mindset than most. He thinks outside the box and even further. He’s a genius. One of the kind kind of guy. He likes being isolated from the world. He thinks all that he needs is already in his house. He’s open minded, but only to certain people’s opinions. His pet peeve is stupid people. He also believes the world is filled with stupid people. Rick manages being on his own. He has for the past eight years.

    His outfits are very boring. He wears a lab coat 24/7. Under the coat he wear a light grey long sleeves shirt. He has about 25 of the light grey shirts. His pants are as boring has his shirt. Light brown and he wears them folded at the bottom. He wears this outfit everyday. He likes not having to decide everyday what to wear. He doesn’t like to waste time on little things like that. His face isn’t that exciting. He dyes his hair blonde and slicks it back with gel. His eyes are like a leave just turning colors. Its this hazel-ish green. His nose is a little pointy but small. His lips are light pink and thin. Just  normal face that fits in with the crowd.

    Everyday life for Rick is mostly is spent in his lab. Since Rick likes to be alone, he had built his own lab. He’s very self-sufficient. When things break in his lab, it no worry. Rick is a hand-man and he doesn’t expect people to be able to fix his lab. With his line of work he is always being watched. People want to steal his work and profit from it. Since becoming a scientist he has always been paranoid. Doesn’t trust anyone, sometimes not even his own dog. Nothing gets past him. Being a genius helps him a lot in his crazy life. He has a saying, “Don’t stop trying until you go insane’.



    Character one: Amber the ex druggy

    Character two: Rick the scientist

    Scenario: Rick is a known scientist. He is known to make drugs in his spare time. Rick finds a girl outside his house. He later finds out its Amber and why she’s there.


    “Hello?” Rick says in a concerning tone. “Do you need something?”

    “Yes! Can you please help me out?” Amber shouted a little.

    “Okay…with what I don’t even know you.” Rick replied still with a concerning tone. “ I’m

    just a scientist.”

    Amber quickly gets closer to Rick. “ I know you make drugs on the low”, She says quietly.

    Rick quickly responds with defence “ I have no clue what you’re talking about,

    I don’t know who told you that but it’s wrong!’

    Amber is takin back with the response. “ Rick, please. Just this once? My friend told me you would help me out.”

    “Okay. listen Amber I usually don’t just help anyone, but since you seem really desperate I will help.”

    Amber with a big smile on a face now. “ Thank you so much Rick, it means a lot.’

    “I bet it does”, Rick says with regret already. “Now Amber this stuff isn’t something to mess around with”

    “ I know Rick, I’ll be careful”, Amber say as she watches Rick start to walk towards his house.

    Rick goes to his lab and grabs a bag, “Here. This should last you the entire week. Don’t take more then you need. Also, don’t tell anyone about this. Okay?”

    “Okay, I won’t. I promise”, Amber shrieks with excitement. “How much will it be?”

    “Since you came all this way i’ll give you half price.” Rick sighs. “I really shouldn’t be doing this. I wouldn’t take them myself and I’m the one that makes the drug.”

    Amber realizes his discomfort and starts to walk away. “ Thank you again Rick, I’m sorry if I caught you by surprise and caused any problems.”

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