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    Why Lakewood Should Allow Pit Bulls


    This photo shows my dog, Maggie, who happens to be a pit bull. I didn’t decide to get a pit bull, but with a few family issues of people not being able to take care of her, she landed in my ownership. \

    My brother originally got the dog from a kill shelter, where she was about to die. When she first came home, she was very timid and shy, being scared of mostly everything. But with a few years of loving care, she got her friendly personality back. And while she is still very timid around other dogs, she loves every person she meets, never barking at anyone. Luckily, my mom lives in Westpark, the corner house across the highway, so I can legally have Maggie. But my father lives within the borders of Lakewood, so when I’m at my dad’s house, my dog can’t come with me.

    With the recent controversy around the “I’m with Charlie” campaign, many people ask themselves why pit bulls can’t be in Lakewood. The supporters of the ban say that pit bulls are dangerous dogs, breed to kill, and to have them in Lakewood would be dangerous. They do have a point in this argument-pit bulls were bred in the past to be fighting dogs, to be the most muscular they can be. But these people forget one key thing-hate is taught, not bred. No matter how strong, Maggie won’t hurt a fly, she wasn’t taught to hate.

    But I can still understand the concern about pit bulls. If they do attack, it can be pretty deadly. We all have heard cases where kids and children were attacked by pits. But is this not true about all larger dogs? Is it impossible for you to be attacked by a German shepherd? How about a Rottweiler? I know I have experienced more pain from my mom’s Chihuahuas than Maggie.

    But even still, I understand not all pit bulls are safe. Some are bred in an abusive home, where they learn to be violent creatures. But why should this stop all pit bulls from entering our town? I pose a case by case solution, where people can bring their dogs to a city-run organization (City council, animal control) and can get a permit to own their furry little friends.

    While a pit bull ban is logical, it is unfair to the sweeter pit bulls, like Maggie.

    To rule them out completely is just an injustice.

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