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    Being ‘Cool’ is Overrated


    Have you ever walked past a group of girls all wearing a variation on the same outfit? Or stifled your own voice to be ‘likeable’ or ‘cool’? Unfortunately, most of us have. Conformity is healthy to an extent, however, this natural conformity shouldn’t kill your style or sense of self – – that’s where most of us get caught up.

    I struggle with insecurity, as I imagine most other teenage girls do. This insecurity used to cause me to dress how I thought boys would like; all that ever got me was a broken heart and trust issues. The moment I decided to take control of my life was the feeling of complete freedom. Day to day it’s hard not to fall back into that routine, but with practice and self care, becoming who you are grows so much easier. Self care can include taking a bath, doing yoga or meditation, sleeping in; most importantly, respecting your body’s needs and mental health. The only way to be the most YOU that you can be, is to be well rested and healthy. Insecurity waits for the times you feel most vulnerable, so fall into a routine of self care rather than self hate.

    Individuality is the one thing that keeps life interesting. To meet someone unlike myself is something I look forward to; to be introduced to someone new and authentically themselves. Being a cookie cutter mold of another person or a celebrity is SO boring compared to whatever you are naturally. I love myself for who I am, and I love you for who you are.

    Although none of this sounds easy, replacing that negative daily energy with positive thought is so worth the trouble.

    Respect yourself and your internal fire – – I promise it’s worth it.


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