Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner

Max Boland

Lover, writer, activist and possible misogynist? Hugh Hefner, 91, died September 27th, 2017 at a net worth of $50 million and nearly a century under his belt. Most notably, Hefner is known for publishing the (almost pornographic) magazine Playboy in 1953. Although infamous, Hugh Hefner undoubtedly refined beauty countless times, showcased young writers and avidly supported the Civil Rights Movement; an immortal icon who will be missed by all of his barely legal lovers and readers alike.

Love the man or hate him, Hugh Hefner was a businessman incredibly in tune with his surroundings. Hefner conducted the longest interview with MLK Jr. to date, featured works by Kerouac (another connoisseur of freedom) and most memorably, sold sex like never before. The first issue of Playboy sold 53,991 copies with Marilyn Monroe gracing its cover. Playboy and Hugh Hefner became extremely popular in the sex deprived 1950s and on, still selling copies and merchandise all over the world. With $600 in his pocket to create the first issue of Playboy, Hefner did what any good business person would do: milked the heck out of it.

Monroe and Madonna’s pictures were used without their permission, as well as underage girls at some point. Hefner was ruthless when it came to his magazine and what he wanted to see gracing its cover. Any conclusions one may have made about Hefner must also include the blatant fact that the man was extremely motivated and dedicated. To what? The lavish lifestyle that comes with owning Playboy Magazine.

Although Hefner was notable, he was also infamous for being a player and his inability to keep a woman for more than a few years. Hefner’s ex-wife Holly Madison writes a tell all called “Down the Rabbit Hole” which incriminates Hugh Hefner and showcases him in the worst possible light.

So what’s the truth after all? Do some research and decide for yourself.