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    The human population is becoming zombie-like.

    We brood around exhausted, inflamed, and ridden with chronic disease. The old saying, “we are what we eat,” provides keen insight to our internal well-being. The farther away the human diet strays from the earth, the farther away humans are from controlling their health. To enhance well-being and increase longevity, millions of Americans have been implementing vegan lifestyles to combat the tolling effects that an animal-based diet prescribes.

    The vegan demographic is reaching peak heights–amounting to 1.6 million of the the United States population. The 500% increase is drawn from the increasing awareness of the detrimental impacts that animal products instill upon the Earth and human body. People of the United States are embarking upon the change–connecting ethical and sustainable lifestyle changes with health and wellness.

    It is a scientifically proven that our food choices dramatically affect our health.  Holistic nutritionist, Michelle Maclean, believes food can either be your medicine or your poison. She cautions, “what we are eating today is taking away from our health…we are starving for nutrients.”  One can reap several beneficial changes from just incorporating lively, vibrant foods into their daily diet such as a rise in energy levels, clear skin, better digestion, clear focus, and better sleeping patterns.

    Listed below are meat and dairy alternatives to aid in the vegan transition:

    1. Ice Cream—Want to go vegan but can not stand the thought of parting with ice cream? You won’t have to! Dairy free ice creams can be found at local grocery stores such as Marc’s, Giant Eagle, Whole Foods, etc. Some notable brands are So Delicious, Coconut Bliss, and even Ben and Jerry’s.
    2. Cheese—-It may be hard to surpass at first, but alternatives such as Daiya Cheese keep the withdrawals at ease. The alternative is a wonderful addition to any vegan pizza or vegan “mac n’ cheese.”
    3. Meat– tofu, tempeh, veggie burgers, seitan, mock tuna are readily available at local grocery stores that replace conventional meat products. Although tofu may not translate to steak, the difference in health benefits is boundless–notably decreasing the risk for chronic disease and inflammation.

    Whether you choose to be carnivore or omnivore, it is paramount to be cognizant of the issue our world faces today in terms of deforestation and global warming. By simply  replacing day-to-day foods with dairy and meat free alternatives, we contribute to not only the longevity of our lives, but the longevity of Earth.


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