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    “The Journey” by Donia Amra


        “Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.” Our story beings at the other side of the country. Two brothers who ran away from home because of an abusive and cruel environment. They found themselves in an orphanage, scared and weak, ripped clothes with dark stains and dirty hair. The two young boys were named Jacob and Joseph.

        After many years in the orphanage, the older brother Jacob was adopted, but the younger one ran away from the orphanage crying for his long far away brother. Lucky for them both, they knew one day they would find each other because of a symbol they had on the back like a tattoo.  It was a “J” letter, shaped like a music note and was dark like night. Both brothers knew they would find each other one day.

         20 years both brothers end up in the same town called “Jarrow”. A nice peaceful place with nature surrounding it all around. Jacob’s house was located in the middle of the city.

    phone rings

    “Hello?” said Jacob with a soft sleepy voice.

    “Hey Jacob, it’s John, we have a situation at your store. Someone broke in and you are needed here immediately,” said the police officer with a sorry tone.

    “What?!? I am on my way,” said Jacob as he rushes out the door and into the car racing to the store.  

    Jacob arrives at the store, the windows were shattered everywhere. as if someone threw dynamite. He checked the register.

    “That’s odd..” said Jacob

    “What is the matter? you seem surprised? did the robber take everything?”

    “No, that’s why I’m surprised, not even a single penny is gone from the register. it’s all here,” said Jacob.

    “Odd… why would someone rob and not take anything .. it doesn’t add up,” said the police officer with curiosity

    “I got no clue,” said Jacob

    “OFFICER JOHN! COME CHECK THIS OUT,” yelled a voice from the police squad from back behind the aisles.

    Jacob and the officer quickly ran behind the aisle.

    “What is it mate?” is the robber here?” said officer John

    “No, but several bags of beard, ham, cheese, bottles of water and chips have been gone. Some are even left behind and stepped on. He must have dropped it and ran over them when the alarm was going off,” said one of the members of the police squad.

    Everyone was curious how nothing was stolen but only the food and water.

    “Hungry thief,” said the officer.

    Days came by, and every night for a week and robbery has happened at night and the same things were stolen. Jacob and officer John decided to make a plan to capture this unusual thief.

    “To we will hide and set a trap for capturing this thief,” said officer John.

    “I agree! it’s time to put an end to this!” said Jacob.

    12:00 AM strikes . A shadow goes in, gets closer and closer to the store. The alarm goes off and officer John and Jacob are behind the counter, waiting for the signal from the officer to cut the rope to allow the net to fall on the thief.

    “1,2,3 NOW!” yelled the officer.

    “RIGHT AWAY!” yelled Jacob as he cuts the rope and the net falls down and wraps the thief like a yo-yo.

    “Who are you!?” yelled officer John as he picks up the body wrapped in black like darkness.

    ” I mean no harm! I swear to you!” a voice yelled from under the net shaking and shocked of what’s going on.

    “What’s your name?” said officer John as he removed the net off.

    “My name is Joseph.”

    Jacob stands with a shocking flashback and stared into space.

    “Jo-s-Eph?” said Jacob with a stuttering voice.

    “Yes, I’m sorry but I didn’t mean to steal.. you see I’m very poor and your store was the only one I could enter in a short amount of time when the alarm went off. I swear I stole nothing from the register but food and water,” said Joseph as he cries with regret.

    “Save the talk for back at the stat-….”

    “That won’t be necessary officer John” as he cuts him off.”Can I have a moment alone with him for a moment officer?” said Jacob

    “Um.. sure?” said Officer John with confusion about they he’s defending him.

    Officer John leaves the store.

    “This might be the strangest thing you ever will encounter but can I see your back?” said Jacob

    “I have this mark that’s a letter “J” shaped like a music note, I don’t want you to think I’m in some sort of gang,” said Joseph with seriousness. “It’s something my brother and I did before we were separated 20 years ago.

    “On the count of 3, we both show our backs,” said Jacob, ” 1,2,3.”

    They removed their shirts as they see they both have the same symbols.”

    “Ja-cob?” Said Joseph with tears filling up his eyes.

    “At last brother, we’ve found each other! ” said Jacob as they both swung in for the hug with tears of joy.

    “I’ve been through so much,” said Joseph.

    “You’re safe now. big brother will be here to protect you I promise from now on,” Jacob said with joy.

        Both explained to officer John about what has happened , how this is a miracle, and that he forgives what Joseph has done and is taking him in.He provided him with clothes and a job at the store as the manager of his business. bought him a house and never has to sleep under boxes again.

    “I dreamt of this day, to find you and live happily with you, thank you for everything my big brother but also my her,.” said Joseph.

    “We are finally together. I will always care and support you now. you won’t ever have to steal to survive again, you are home now. you don’t ever have to feel alone,” said Jacob.  


       When you were growing up, did your brother greet you with a black eye or a hug? Maybe you have a contentious relationship with your brother, or maybe it’s the most wonderful, loving relationship in the world–or maybe it’s both.Maybe your brothers aren’t even men who grew up together in your lifetime, but you may realize later in life that they have always been there for you, reliable and trustworthy in all circumstances. “Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.”

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