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    “The Journey” Umesh Biswa


    “Sometimes being a brother is even better than a being a superhero.” My story begins at the other side of the country. I used to have a small and beautiful family. I have twin brother. My parents named us Jacob and Joseph. I was the youngest one in the family. My name is Joseph and my older brother name is Jacob.

    One day I heard that my parents was arguing and they started to fight. When they were fighting, they throw a bottle at each other and it hit head. They didn’t stop the fight. I was bleeding so hard and my brother was very angry, but we were so little we couldn’t do anything. My parents never stop the fight. It used to happen every single night.

    My brother and I couldn’t stand that. After couple years we decided to run away from that house, so we could not have to go through that every single day. When we ran away from the house, we decided to get a tattoo on our back. So if we get apart from each other in future we will know from that symbol. The tattoo was the first letter of our names which was “J.” We made it cursive and it looks like a music note, but actually it was a letter.

    We went to an orphanage because we had no one to go to. After couple month on orphanage we both turn ten and we celebrate there. After a couple days there was a family from Jarrow Town. They were there to adopt a child, but they only need one. My brother Jacob was adopted. I was left alone with bunch of other kids. I cried for days, but my brother didn’t came back. I didn’t like to stay there after my brother left, so I ran away from there too.

    When I ran away from an orphanage, I realized that I had no one to go to. I tried so hard looking for work, but no one offer me one because I wasn’t old enough. From that day, I became homeless. I had to ask people for food or some money if they had. Most time of the had to stay hungry. I learn how to steal and trick people, so I can have money to get myself a food. I started stealing people’s wallet and bags and I spend more than half of my life doing that.

    Even after I turn 25 I couldn’t find a job because people saw stealing. I started saving money that I stole, so I could go to other state and get a job for my self. I count up all my saving and I have enough for bus ticket and for couple days to buy food and stay there. I packed all my belonging in a old bag and left from there. I bought a one way ticket in mega bus and get in a bus and left from that city.

    The city I went to was called Jarrow Town. It was small and beautiful. People in there was nice to each other. There were a lots of people in the street and they looked at me. I was new there and they never saw me around. I found a house to stay for few days, only few days because I didn’t have enough money for the rent. I rest that day, get something to eat and sleep.

    I woke up early in the morning and I ate what I had. After that I went out looking for work. I went to convenient store.

    “Are you guys hiring,” I asked.

    “Unfortunately, sir we are not,” The manager said.

    “Thank you,” I said.

    After they said that, I left from there and went to others. There was a store next to that store. The store he was looking for someone to help him. I offer him help and after I was done helping.

    “Are you new here,” Jacob said.

    “I just moved here and I’m looking for a job,” I said.

    “You can work here,” Jacob said. “I need someone to help me.”

    “Thank you so much sir,” I said.

    Jacob offer me a work, I decided to work there because I had nowhere to go. He took me to his house for dinner and we ate together. I like that house so much, there was a lots of luxuries thing. I don’t know what happen to me, even though he offer me to work in his store, I started to steal those luxuries things from him.

    One day he finds out that something was wrong and Jacob decided to call his friend Officer John. They were friends from long time, Jacob even told how they became friends. He came there and investigate. I was very scared inside because I didn’t want to get cut. That investigate runs for couple days and they find out the thief. Of course it was me, because they saw me stealing from store in camera. Jacob doesn’t want me to know, so he calls me over nicely.

    “Hey Joseph, can you come to my store I need help,” Jacob said.

    “Yeah, I will be there in few minutes,” I said.

    I didn’t know what was going on. Jacob was with officer John and I thought they were talking. Right after I get there, officer John grab me.

    “You are under arrest,” Officer John said.

    At that moment, only thing that was in my brain was to run away. I tried to run away, but he was grabbing on my t-shirt, which was pretty old and it got ripped. Officer John caught me and take to jail

    Jacob saw the symbol on my back. That evening he came to jail and bail me. He took me to his house and I saw a tears in his house. I didn’t know what was going on. He started telling me everything about our childhood.

    “Joseph, do you remember this tattoo,” Jacob said.

    As he show me that same symbol on his back and started explain me everything.

    He was crying because he was guilty that he left me alone .

    “I am sorry for what I have done to you,” He said.

    He apologized me a lot and made me tear up because even though he left me he didn’t think as I did.

    He took to his store and the next day he bought me house and bought me a car. He gave me everything I needed to live. He made me his store’s manager. I was so happy that I met my brother after so long.

    He said,” we brothers will work together from today.”
    “ Because brothers don’t let each other wander in the dark alone.”

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