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    “The Journey” by Usha Baniya

    “True police officer fights, not because he hates what’s in front of him …. Because he love who stand behind him.”


    I am John. I am 26 years old. I live in a town called Jarrow.I am friendly person when I’m calm. I am tall. I live alone. I have one friend called Jacob. He was adopted. I don’t know his story that much but I think it’s pretty sad. When we were in school he talked about his brother but only once.his brother ran away on the day of adoption.


    When we grew up, we didn’t spend much time together. He became a store owner, and I became a police officer. I always have to go here and there, so I did not get to spend much time with him. When we were kids we were always be together. I did not have brother. He didn’t either, so he became a brother.


    One day, when he was changing his shirt, I saw one music note kind symbol on his back. I asked him about that but he did not answer. When I don’t have work we go somewhere. I have to go to another city for like one month. We did not have any contact for one month.


    After 1 month, I came back and we to Jacob house. I saw one man, who was like Jacob age. Jacob told me about him. And he introduced me to him. “Hi my name is joseph,” he said.

    “My name is john, officer John,” I said.

    When I say I’m officer his face changes. We had dinner together. I stayed at Jacob house that day. Next morning I went to my office. After couple of week, Jacob said that some stuff from his house were lost and told me to investigate. I went there the next day. I asked Jacob that who was at home.

    “Only joseph was at home,” he said. Joseph was not at home that time. When he came back i asked him couple of questions.

    “Joseph, can I ask you couple of questions?” I asked.

    “Ya, sure why not,” he said.

    “Where were you last Saturday,” I asked.

    “I was at home,” he said we hesitation.

    “But, last saturday we all went to the store,” Jacob said.

    “Oh ya, I forgot,” Joseph said.

    I thought for a moment.

    Next day I told jacob that I want to take Joseph for investigate.

    “I’m going to take you for investigate,” I said to Joseph.

    “Why, what did I do?” he asked.

    “Nothing,” I said. I was only taking him to lock up, so I can get his fingerprint and find out who stole jacob stuff. After investigating more i find out that joseph had stole all those things. I called Jacob to police station where I locked up joseph. I told him everything. Jacob did not believe me so I tell jacob to tell him, but he did not. I tried to beat him but that time his shirt came off. I saw the symbol on his back that Jacob have. Jacob also saw that. Immediately he said, “That’s my brother.”  Jacob bail him out. They stay together. I don’t know what happen after that because I have to go to another state for one case.

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