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    “Carnival” by Alex Larson


    8am. My alarm goes off and I don’t want to get up ,but My boyfriend ,Mark, yanks me out of bed with breakfast ready before he has to go to work. “Babe come on eat, then I have to drop you off and then get myself to work.” He cooes me out of bed; He laughs at my bed head, I tell him to shut up. He kisses me on my forehead as he heads back to get ready for work.  I fix my hair as I eat my waffles and drink the orange juice that he had made fresh for the day. God I love him. The thought pops into my head as he surprises me with a hug. God I really love him! I turn around in his arms and he kisses me. The alarm on his phone goes off.  “Get ready for you and I  will be late for work!”He pushes me into the room and I get dressed and put on the stupid neon rainbow vest that all temp staff have to wear. I come out, and he had already washed all the dishes. He’s perfect.  He smiles at me and then bursts into laughter, “Dude you look so stupid!” He can’t contain his laughter.


    “I look gay!” I shouted at him

    “Well you are, well I hope you are or this relationship just went downhill really fast.” He gives me a smile.

    “I am so no worries love.” I give him a quick peck on the lip then grab my backpack and all my necessary items, we leave. I threw my stuff in the back along with Mark’s laptop case and files of paperwork. He turns the car on and Panic at the Disco! is blasting and we automatically turn it down to make sure our ears won’t bleed out. After awhile we turn it back up and jam out as he drives me to work.


    “Love you Fish!”  Mark yells as he drives off. Ugh I hate that pet name, I think to myself. I don’t know where he got that pet name for me from, but it’s stupid. I hear laughing behind me. I turn to see my co-worker Han holding his stomach from laughter.


    “Fish! Ahaha that’s the stupidest pet name ever!” Han couldn’t stop.

    “Oh shut it Solo”, Han stop after I made that remark.

    “Hey I hate that I don’t even like Star Wars! Han yelled out. I laughed my butt off.


    I Walked to the manager’s office to clock in for the day, I picked up my radio and headset the took off to the work board to see what I was assigned for the day. I looked for my name and the word “DARTS”, was in bold. Lucky for me darts is my favorite and I play with Mark all the time. I set up the dart booth ,I can hear all the cars coming to park and horns honking when someone didn’t get the parking spot they wanted. The screaming children start to enter with their exhausted looking parents. Most of the parents looked like they didn’t want to be there ; where others looked like they were having a great time with their children.


    It’s about 2 in the afternoon and I’m already covered in cuts from kids throwing the darts at me instead of the balloons. HOW DID I FORGET THAT THIS WAS DANGEROUS., I Mentally yelled at myself. As I’m mentally yelling at myself my headset goes off with the code “Signal 70” , This is a code for when a child is missing in the park. Then another voice comes on , it my manager. “An inactive booths please attend to Signal 70” She sounds panicked but that’s to be expected. No one had been to my booth for about 45 minutes, so I decided to close up. I responded to the message. “Kirby going live to signal 70” I respond into my headset. Going live means I’m doing whatever was asked of me.

    All of a sudden I see a woman yelling that she lost her daughter. I walk up to her to try and calm her down. “Ma’am I’m Kirby i’ll be helping you look for your child and you please give me a description of the child?”, She started to calm down as I talked to her but she was still panicked.

    “Her name is Abby and she’s around 7-8 years old, Short brown hair, green eyes , and wearing blue jean shorts, and a white unicorn shirt.” She says holding onto a neon pink bear. I told her to look around and if she finds her to report immediately to an employee. She nodded and takes off. Im screeching the whole park and there a many children fitting the description then I begin to panic. I calm myself down. I’ve know this feeling before when I was a small child yet I was never found by my parents, Only by police. I was allegedly dumped at a amusement park and forgotten. I would later be adopted into a nice wealthy family who took care of me and then i decided to move out and move in with Mark.


    As i’m calming myself down and securing my headset goes off again. “Signal 70 canceled item found and returned.”, It’s my manager she sounds relieved and so was I. Mark picked me up later around 8, and I explained the situation. He was relieved that the child was safe and that I kept my cool. I never want a child to go through what I went through as a child, but I was a lucky one.

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