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    Birth Control


    Wild sex or uncontrollable periods? Whatever you use birth control for is your business.

    With all the controversy surrounding birth control, any young woman (or man, we’re trans inclusive) might be scared to pursue it. This fear is causing a rise in STDs and teenage pregnancy. Fear not, anyone with ovaries, we’ve got you covered with the facts.

    First of all Donald Trump does not have ovaries, therefore, his opinions about birth control (and anything else regarding women’s health) are invalid.

    Second of all, common myths about birth control are being perpetuated to scare young girls away from using it. The myth that you get fat on birth control? Completely false. The idea that you have to take it at a certain time of day for it to work? Not true. The fear of gaining weight or acne because of an increase in estrogen is a fear purposefully spread to keep girls away. The government feeds off the insecurity of the public, DON’T FALL FOR IT. Birth control is 99% effective and when used properly with condoms, is fool-proof.

    There are a few bad side effects of the pill that could happen, for example: bloating, breast tenderness and nausea. The good side effects include clearing up acne and lightening periods as well as regulating them. Other birth control options can include the IUD, the monthly injection or the implant as well as so many more obscure ones. Research each and find the best one for you!

    If you’re interested in being prescribed birth control and under 18, you can go to Planned Parenthood. If you’re over 18, any private doctor or nurse, health clinic or Planned Parenthood can prescribe you birth control or administer the patch or implant.



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