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    The Indian’s Loss


    Many Cleveland residents were shocked by the devastating Indians loss to the New York Yankees. It was made worse by the fact that we suffered a similar defeat last season–a promising season that was followed by failure. But what caused this depressing display? Here are several factors:

    1. Kluber’s injury: Kluber had had a back injury during playoffs that was rumored to have been flaring up again during the season. But, the coach still played him, so this definitely could have ensured he was not at his best.
    2. Young Players: Many of the teams best players (like Lindor) have little experience in the postseason games. As the winning record got higher, they allowed themselves to be less vigilant, so when the stakes got higher, they choked. This is a quality that you can only get rid of with experience (and modesty).
    3. The Long Championship Draught: Since the Indians haven’t won (big time) in about 70 years, each year of futility adds more pressure and stress. This could explain the 22-game winning streak followed by a series of very poor ones as the stakes got higher. And trying to escape a bad reputation that has already been established for you can be very difficult.

    There were surely other factors that affected the loss as well, and no one thing was completely responsible.

    At least there is always next year. Though they may have messed up this year, the team itself is strong and perhaps in a few more months they will be back on their A-game. After all, last year we lost in the playoffs and still managed to come back strong this season, so there is no reason that we can’t do it again.

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