Senioritis: Plaguing Lakewood High

Senioritis: Plaguing Lakewood High

Madyson Lewellyn

Senior year is the last 100 meters of the race. You can either sprint to the finish line and claim your medal, or completely trip and fall after enduring the long marathon. Walking down the halls of Lakewood High, one can vividly see the plague that is striking the senior class at an alarming rate: senioritis. Symptoms include motivation plummeting, laziness morphing into a lifestyle,  sweatpants and hoodies becoming an over-excessive outfit choice, and waves of anxiety washing over us with the recurring “Have you thought about college!?” question. Unfortunately these are all obstacles and hurdles that one must jump over in their final year of high school. The only cure? Graduation.

However, is this an actual biological phenomenon? Or is it simply an excuse for students to abandon work ethic? According to a study preformed at Vanderbilt University, high levels of dopamine translate to high levels of work ethic. The results displayed that those with characteristics of productive work ethic, had higher levels of dopamine in two areas of the brain. Remember to not abandon the things that lift your soul in the final year, the happiness produced will reflect upon your grades.

Senior, Rory Meehan, has been inflicted by the lethal disease with a laundry list of missing Physics work, attesting to the fact that he just “doesn’t care anymore!” Meehan displays all the symptoms of the plague stating, “My everyday outfits consists of sweatpants and flannels…senioritis is definitely real and it’s getting the best of me.”

As the real world creeps in, among these finals assignments, it is only natural to inhabit a sense of fear. Fear of the unknown world we will soon permeate at our new colleges, our new jobs, our new internships.

It is that time of year. Teachers dread it. Students can’t escape it. But seniors-it also the time of year to pull together. It is time to realize that we have only six months. Six months of seeing the familiar face. Six months of walking the halls of Lakewood High for the last times. Six months of moments in the bleachers. The last six months of being a “high schooler.” Come June, everything will change as we exit the civic doors post graduation. For years, we have followed upon the same path. A path that will soon diverge 346 ways. Do not take your last moments of Lakewood High for granite, embrace each moment.

Hold on seniors, we are almost there.