School Raises $2000 for Hurricane Relief

School Raises $2000 for Hurricane Relief

Chloe Soneson

Puerto Rico has been suffering from the aftermath of hurricane Marie. “I mean, there is devastation. People with wooden houses are no longer there. And all of the forests and palm trees — they’re not there. It’s bare soil. It is devastating, and I hope we can recover soon,” said Puerto Rico’s nonvoting member of congress.

Students and staff at Harding Middle School, Hayes and Lincoln Elementary schools are doing everything they can to help. Art teacher Cesar Vargas initiated the donation drive and combined, these schools, raised more than $2,032 for relief effects.

Representatives from the Cleveland Foundation and Julia de Burgos Cultural Art Center, who are helping to facilitate donations through the Puerto Rico Community Foundation were on hand at Harding October 19th to accept the money raised. If you would like to make a donation go to

The art teacher, Cesar Vargas, and a few students Lila Wright, Conner Millsaps, and Inga Wilhelmy presented the check to Leititia Lopez. It’s not to late to help out! You are still able  to donate a few dollars to help Puerto Rico.

Any and everything is helpful to everyone in Puerto Rico, so please take your time and donate!!