Max Boland

With all the tragedy and heartbreak engulfing the world, it can be hard to have hope; positivity is rarely found as organically. This consistent flow of bad news can cause one to feel powerless, even completely out of control. How can I begin to make a change if I’m not right inside my head? The answer to feeling better comes from within.

The difficulty in facing tragedy is that social media makes it readily available; the first step to being level with oneself is to stop impulsively checking social media. Step 1. Delete social media off of your phone. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to delete your accounts, it’s just a cleanse. Without the temptation of social media at your fingers constantly, you’re less likely to go out of your way to check it. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep up with the news and be informed, this measure means you’ll have less of a stream of projected fear from your peers. We all could use a little more peace of mind.

After trashing social media temporarily, the rest will come easier. Step 2. Set a routine. Sit down right now and set a nightly routine. Every night before bed make your own steps and do them to relax. For example, my nightly routine is shutting off my phone, taking a shower, brushing my teeth, putting on lotion and finally settling into bed. Your steps could be as little as three as long as they’re healthy and relaxing. The next suggestion also has to do with physical health! Yay for healthy bodies! Step 3. Drink more water. If you only drink water when you’re thirsty, you’re probably not drinking enough. The average person should be drinking about ten 8-oz glasses of water everyday, regardless of your level of thirst (pun, get it). Drinking water helps expedite body processes and regulate your internal clock, as well as clearing up acne.

Although these steps might seem easy, being consistent with all three is difficult. The harmony that comes with a sound mind and body allows positivity to cultivate itself within you, and these aren’t the only ways to do it! Other relaxing/connecting/happy things to do are yoga, swimming, stretching, going for a walk and practicing mindfulness. To live is to be alive, practice healthy existing every day and perpetuate optimism. 🙂