Warning!! Coyotes are killing dogs in Lakewood

Warning!! Coyotes are killing dogs in Lakewood

Chloe Soneson

Another dog was killed by coyotes in Lakewood, the city confirmed on Monday. This time the attack occurred on Forest Hill Drive where a Highland Terrier was found dead. There has also been an additional sighting of coyotes throughout the city. Other sightings of coyotes place the animals closer to the shoreline of the city.

Police said the attack on the Highland Terrier occurred between 11 p.m on October 20th and 7 a.m on October 21st. Police were called to the scene at about 8:30 a.m on October 21st.

Many residents in Lakewood have expressed surprise at the presence of a coyotes in a heavily developed suburb like Lakewood. A Lakewood residents dog was attacked by a coyote in late February 2017, prompting a panic attack over every animals safety here in the city. The cotton eventually dropped the dog after the owner ran it down clapping their hands and screaming. The police said the dog was “ripped open”, ad was put to death at a local animal clinic.

Their have been coyote sightings in Medina. Debbie and Jerry said they are aware of the coyotes. They don’t let their dog run around by itself, and they used to have them chained up. Debbie said “We don’t do that anymore.”

Some steps residents can take to “scare away” coyotes according to stone.”Make some noise, clap your hands, do what you can to make a some sharp noises and that will usually scare it away.