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    Happy Death Day Review


    As Halloween rolls around, many people are looking for a way to get into the holiday spirit. And while trick-or-treating works well for the younger kids, many high schoolers come to a blank when thinking about ways to celebrate on Halloween night. Many find themselves turning to the movie theater, where they can get their scare quota in with a scary movie. A recent movie that came out that’s trying to cash in on the Halloween horror craze is Happy Death Day. And while it may seem tempting, I have one message for you: Please don’t see this movie, it’s not good.

    Happy death day can be seen as a scary groundhogs day, with the main girl, Tree (yes, that’s actually what they call her in this movie), living her birthday over and over again. The catch is that that night, someone has the plot to kill her, so it is up to her to try to figure out who the murderer is.

    Let’s start with the positive. Tree is a sorority girl in college and is honestly a horrible person at the start of the movie. She starts each day in the dorm room of Conor, a boy who took her home the night before after a night of drinking because he was concerned for her. Throughout the movie, she learns to love Connor, who is constantly helping her in her predicament. This helps her learn the error of her ways and helps the audience connect to her character.

    But the negatives in this movie far out way the positive. First off, the scares are horrible. This movie is apart of the trend to create scares with silence, followed by a loud noise and something popping up at you, commonly known as a jump scare. Horror is a genre of many opportunities, and seeing this movie only proves to Hollywood that they can keep producing dumb, jump scares filled movies, and never do anything creative to create scares. But that doesn’t ruin the movie for many people, why can’t it just be a silly slasher? Well, along with jump scares, this movie is filled with plot holes that never get addressed, like some character remembering things from past days when they aren’t supposed to be able to, and tries to throw in a twist ending, which doesn’t work, because it makes no sense. If there were no clues to the audience or the main character/the audience that this person is actually behind the murders, it will absolutely be shocking, but not in an “Oh! now I get it!” kind of moment, more of a “what just happened?” moment.

    I guess if you are looking for a silly horror film to occupy your Halloween night, Happy Death Day isn’t the worst movie in the world, but I would suggest skipping this one and just watching a classic scary movie at home instead.

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