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    Sutherland Church Killing Leave 25 Dead, 20 Injured


    No one likes to hear it is what it is. Be it about failing a test, missing a deadline, injuring yourself–or a mass shooting that killed twenty five people, one unborn child, and injured twenty people. Eight of the dead were under the age of eighteen, the killer having no remorse for a soul within the congregation.

    And politicians in a way (through their non-reaction towards tactical weapons being available to civilians) claim it is what it is. That this is just the sacrifice of the second amendment.

    Devin Patrick Kelley was the killer. The day was November 5th, a quiet Sunday in this church. All disrupted with gunfire from outside.

    Kelley was not supposed to be in possession of firearms, as he had been convicted of abusing his wife and nearly killing his infant step-son (he would spent a year in the Air Force’s custody and would be discharged in 2014). He had also threatened his commander of the Air Force with weaponry. He only acquired his two handguns and semiautomatic rifle as the Air Force failed to inform civilian law enforcement that Kelley was not legally allowed to purchase guns and ammunition.

    The church, the third mass shooting at a church in three years, was the First Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas. Kelley fired over four hundred founds from both the inside and outside of the church.

    There were the red flags of him being an abuser, him threatening violence with a firearm previously, and the fact that his neighbors in the days preceding the massacre, heard rapid gunfire from Kelley’s property.

    Authorities say this came from an anger specifically aimed at his mother-in-law, as she practiced at the church, but had not been there that fatal Sunday. They also confirmed that Kelley is, indeed, passed. They do not know if it was suicide or if he was fatally shot by a man who chased after him with a handgun as Kelley fled the scene.

    There is still a lot unknown, but so many red flags and an excess of bureaucratic failure (as said by Vice President Mike Pence) towards this incident. There can be no closure for the victims’ families and the congregation cannot go on. They in fact plan to demolish the church and erect a memorial for those lost.

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