Club News-Ski & Snowboard


Jack Ryan

Shaun White was a 2 time gold medalist in the Olympics for snowboarding. Wether you want to prove you’re better than him or just pick it up Ski & Snowboard Club is open to all. (Information can be found in C318) Enjoy it with friends and if you don’t have any friends

then do it with yourself or try making friends.  Also if you don’t have gear don’t worry you can rent some from Brandywine. (The ski resort that is most often visited on trips) Worried about homework or studying don’t be it’s about a 40 minute trip there, the bus leaves

sharply at 3:15 so if you have a detention you’d best hope your captor is understanding and lets you go. How long will you stay there, from the time of arrival to 9pm so bring money for a delicious cafeteria dinner. Are you scared of heights, if you are then you should grow a

backbone, if not then have fun enjoying the 2 minute ride to the top of the hill. If you’re looking for a good time look no further. The club doesn’t meet that often so keep yourself healthy. Gear like goggles and helmets can also be rented at the resort as well. The number

one problem you’d face is staying warm, you should wear a windbreaker, turtleneck, sweat shirt, and coat. For pants wear long johns, pants, and ski pants. Your hands are probably the most important so you should wear gloves and heavy-duty gloves, not to mention hand warmers. For your feet just long extra thick socks.