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    The Melt: Is the Hype Gone?

    The Melt: Is the Hype Gone?

    The Melt Bar and Grilled popped up in Lakewood in September 2006.

    So what is The Melt? A musician and chef named Matt Fish created the idea. He envisioned a restaurant with simple craft beers and the delicious grilled cheese sandwich.

    When The Melt first opened here, everyone in Lakewood and around Lakewood wanted to go there to eat. With their extravagant sandwiches, it would be understandable.

    Lately, The Melt has not been the restaurant it used to be. Although, it is still delicious on occasion, not many people mention it anymore. Almost everyone has had it already which makes the hype dull down.

    There are four Melt locations. Lakewood, Mentor, Independence, and Greater Cleveland.

    With many appearances on the news, the Melt was one of the top places to be. Since Melt has now been around for years, not many people haven’t been there.

    As a plus, The Melt also has most of their sandwiches available in vegetarian and vegan. If that’s what you’re in to.

    With many options to choose from, I would be surprised if their regulars and people who come into town stop going. Although People have not talked about it the way they used to, I doubt that they’re not making their sales. So I wouldn’t doubt the fact that they will be around for a while.

    They also feature a monthly special. This month’s is the ‘New Bomb Turkey’, due to thanksgiving being this month. They try to relate the monthly specials to the holiday or holidays coming up.


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