Open Lunch All Year Round

Open Lunch All Year Round

Mackenzie Merriner


In my experience as a student at Lakewood High School, I think we should have open lunch all year round, not just during the midterms and finals weeks. The days that we, as students, have open lunch it is the most freedom we have during school. If we have it during midterms and finals, why not have it all year round?

During lunch at any regular day at Lakewood High School, some students sit alone at a lunch, some students sit with friends, and some students don’t even go to lunch or have a lunch period. Having an open lunch will let the students who sit alone go out and it also provides everyone with freedom.

If the Lakewood High School staff trusts us students to leave during midterms and finals why not trust us during the regular school days? I understand that some students are irresponsible and they won’t come back to school, but I think that those consequences should be on that student  instead of punishing the students who had no part in it.  If students are not able to handle coming back from an open lunch during high school, they won’t be able to handle the responsibility during college. Teachers should let students learn how to do things on their own and be responsible instead of treating them like little kids all the time.

Lakewood is a walking community and I think that we should be able to take a little break from school to walk around and get our blood flowing. Sitting in a desk all the time is not good for our health and it starts to get very boring. Walking around and being active will make us more alert and awake in school and we will be healthier too.

I’m not saying that all students should be leaving during their lunch period, I think that it is just a good option for the days you don’t want school lunch or don’t want to sit in the cafeteria. Students aren’t going to want to spend money everyday on food. Even having open lunch a few days a week is better than only having it during only midterms and finals.