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    “Singing for Jupiter” by Haley Schultz

    Sun flowed into the two windows like a flower’s stem breaking through the ground for the first time. The sun wasn’t invading here, no, it was welcomed. The room accepted it as gladly as the earth accepts a new tree.

    This sunlight looked around the room and took everything it possibly could in. It saw art in the form of scattered clothes, candles, two mirrors showing different angles of the beauty in front of it, remnants of a recent past, but most importantly the sunlight took in two women.

    The sun could see every part of them except for the pieces hidden in places the sunlight had not touched and remained dark.
    One of the women sat on the others waist, her hands not staying in one spot for too long. The sun watched as the girl with curly hair sang to the girl beneath her. The songs were all much too hard for the girl to be singing, but she did so anyway. Her voice would sing the notes higher than they were supposed to be sung or lower depending on the song. The girl singing did not do so badly, but the girl that was being sung to couldn’t help but laugh. The songs were all about love and the girl singing borrowed the woman she was sitting on as a drum set while she did so. Her body also functioned as other instruments as well, such as, a guitar, cymbals, trumpets, bongos or as what it currently was, a piano. The girl on top placed her hands next to one another and put them down on the girl’s chest, moving her fingers in a way that replicated a piano. The girl continued to sing with this accompaniment much to the delight of the piano. The piano giggled, her face contorted in a way to show her amused embarrassment. She thought the entire situation was goofy but seeing her lover’s head enclosed in a crown of Christmas lights made her find it all euphoric. Her giggles turned to laughs, and her face crinkled into happiness as loose strands of hair fell dangerously close to entering her mouth. The girl on top kept singing and the girl on bottom kept laughing.
    Suddenly the singing stopped.
    The sun had began to leave the room but bursted back into the space. It could see less of the girls now, yet it could hear the sounds of muffled laughter. The girl on the bottom had wrapped her arms around her singer and pulled her down into an embrace.
    The sun sighed and the room darkened.
    All was well

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