Lakewood Royalty

Lakewood Royalty

Max Boland

The first weekend in December is always a joyous time in Lakewood, as that weekend holds Light Up Lakewood. Every year a title is given to a lucky and dedicated junior that goes somewhat unnoticed. The title one might receive after submitting an essay and going in for an interview, is King and Queen — but that’s not all. Whomever wins Lakewood King and Queen also receives a $500 scholarship to be used for college fees. This year’s winners are Erin Black and Gregory Medley.

To be crowned King and Queen of Lakewood spirit and pride is a gigantic honor, especially to junior Erin Black who spent an entire 3-day weekend writing her winning essay.

Saturday, December 3rd began for Medley and Black at 7 am, to set up for a day of festivities. After this, both must get ready and return to Plantation Home to be crowned before the parade begins. After being introduced to Lakewood’s elite, Black and Medley prepare for the parade in the freezing cold and retouch their makeup for one of many photo ops. With the entire exhausting day behind them, Black and Medley receive their $500 checks and are sent on their way, with an iconic title to hold up until next year when the new lucky juniors will be crowned.

This King and Queen title is not only an honor but a motivator for the junior class – – to hold a standard of excellence and prepare for college. Erin Black and Gregory Medley royally deserve their titles, and those who came before then.