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    The Republican Tax Bill


    Donald Trump has been president for close to a year. In this short time he has almost caused catastrophe a large number of times. But none of these times have swayed him from his extensive and impractical agenda. Now, he wants a new tax plan.

    The agenda he advocates for will, as per usual, only really benefit one general group: the rich. As promised, it will create the tax cuts for corporate companies–up to 30%. And Trump has said himself that number might vary by the time that the bill is completely fleshed out. Which means the number could get even higher.

    Some may say that this might be a good development; if large companies are given more money they might give more to their employees, therefore helping low-income families and poverty. But these companies (such as Coca-Cola) have said they are just going to keep giving more and more money to shareholders, the same people who have been rich for decades off of their parent’s good fortune. The same people who Donald Trump calls “winners” only because he is not capable of empathizing with anyone else.

    Furthermore, these tax cuts will eventually create even more of a gap in the country between rich and poor. If that is not enough, the campaigners hope to disadvantage and hurt groups that are vulnerable, such as people fighting a chronic illness or students trying to rise up from their parents poverty. Apparently in Donald Trump’s book, those people do not deserve to have tax breaks because according to him their lives are not difficult enough as it is.

    While the bill is manipulative and bigoted, at least it has enough holes and bugs it might not be able to pass. I cannot say I am surprised.

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