Person of the Week: Johnnesha Johnson

Person of the Week: Johnnesha Johnson

Chloe Soneson

Johnnesha Johnson is currently a senior at Lakewood High School. She is very focused on school. Johnson has maintained very good grades throughout all of her years in school. She is very committed to her school work.

She was interested in working with children for a long time. Johnnesha was able to babysit her siblings while she was growing up. Which also gave her a jump-start with getting to see what children do and like at those ages. She currently is working at Rocky River West Shore Childcare Center. ” I joined the program because it seemed really fun and I got pulled in because I love working with children. I also wanted to be apart of seeing the development and learning capabilities of children.” Her favorite age group she has worked with in these past two years was Kindergarten. She loved kindergarten because she got the opportunity to see what it was like first hand to actually teach and be hands on interacting. “My favorite part about the class is going to our sites because we’re to working with children in different places and environment which is an overall great learning experience.”

“I recommend this program to anyone who has patience, strives to learn about children, and wants to be an important aspect in their lives,” Johnson said. This West Shore Career The program is a great career jump-start! Everyone will be CPR certified and Child Abuse and Neglect.

After high school she wants to attend Ursuline or Spelman and major in Early Childhood Education.