Lalia Williams

As the holiday season nears, something else is nears as well: midterms. The half-way point of the school year is almost upon it, and with this comes either mid-semester of end-semester exams (depending on what length of class you are taking). This is often an especially difficult time of year, because while a long break is near, it is very difficult to remember everything you have learned in every class since the beginning of the year.

From personal experience, the most difficult classes tend to be those of math and science, just because they are the most hard to review for. But obviously, this will vary somewhat from person to person. The rule of thumb is to study hardest for the classes that you struggle most with. Your teachers should give you an idea of what to study for and what the midterm will be like.

People like me, who are taking several difficult classes but who have multiple study halls to balance these classes, do not have to come for much of the school day during these few days. Others might have many midterms, but only a few that really require extensive studying.

Perhaps one of the best part about midterms might be the open lunch periods. At this time, students can leave and buy a lunch from somewhere, or even go home. And this time could be extended if one does not have a midterm directly after. At the very least, they are good to do some last-minute studying.

The good thing is that we do have a bit more time until midterms are upon us. Hit the books (if you haven’t yet)!