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    Roy Moore: From Sexual Predator to New Senator


    District Attorney Roy Moore has been accused in the past month to have assaulted multiple women (most current being five) while he was in office, some of the victims being minors when he laid his hands on them as well. He has been told by both parties and civilians that he should step down, but still soldiers on as if he is in the moral high road.


    Even if the statute of limitations for his crimes have since expired, there still is the question of him being morally fit to serve. Multiple Republican leaders have asked him to step down, including Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell.


    Oh, but he has not. Instead, it has recently been released that Moore in fact has entered the running for Alabama senate. He comes in hot with GOP funding and Trump endorsement. Trump is said to have given “his full support” and was cited he “needed a fighter to help him in the US Senate.” In the situation of him being backed, it has forced multiple Republican leaders who wanted Moore to step aside to go on the record in support as well. Yes, that does include the Majority leader McConnell.


    One thinks that we live in an age where sexual harassers lose their career. Several big shots in Hollywood with social and media pull have gone down in their own destruction.


    That, in light of this, does not apply to our political leaders. One can see it with Donald Trump, who has no intentions of addressing or owning up to these accusations. Moore will go without jail time and now will gain stronger political pull.


    One would hope that the voters will block him. Yet according to polling done by CBS, over seventy percent of Republican aligned voters find it all false allegation. Also, it is predicted that he will take 49% of votes coming election if trends continue on this way.


    For a man who said to a young girl that no one would believe her if she said their District Attorney tried to force her to perform oral sex on him. One can only fear what he will do with his new Senate power and the feeling that no matter what, he will have the strongest leaders of the world behind him simply for party over country ideology.

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