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    The New Stimulus Check

    New Stimulus
    The New Stimulus Check

    With COVID-19 taking over, plenty of businesses have been losing money or have even lost their business entirely. This is why the government is releasing yet another stimulus check for the people who have been negatively effected by COVID-19.

    The third check will be $1,400 per person in each household. Parents are also able to claim children and receive checks for them to allow for an easier support system for their family. Also if a child is 18 and still lives with his/her family, the parents can claim him/her as a dependent and still receive money for them because they can’t support themselves quite yet.

    These checks are not just to ease people’s temporary problems; they are also for the economy as a whole. The demand for supplies that don’t have to do with safety has gone way down in the past year, which means that the economy isn’t doing so well. But if the people receiving these checks can spend them quickly and put money in other peoples’ pockets, the economy can slowly get closer to what it was before.

    When asked how he felt about the third stimulus check, Anthony Adkins, a senior at Lakewood High School, said “Although these checks are just some of our tax money coming back, it really must feel good for my mom to see a boost in the bank account. I also know that she loves spending, so in a way my mom can really help the economy right now.”

    The stimulus checks are not the cure to our country’s financial issues, but they are a temporary way to help people who are in need. If we can spend these stimulus checks right away we can get one step closer to a stable economy.

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