Visiting The Rush Inn

Mason Orlando

This week I had the opportunity to visit another classic Lakewood restaurant, the Rush Inn. Located among multiple storefronts, the Rush Inn resides across from the Beck Center on Detroit. Having been there a few times before, I can tell you that it’s easy to find; however, you’ll likely have trouble looking for parking. The small lot found off to the left side of the building is usually full and the limited street parking is swallowed up by overflow from the Beck Center, so expect a small walk on busy days.

Once you’re inside, you’re greeted by a large restaurant taking up two Detroit store fronts. The large booths and building capacity make it a good place to go to with friends when seating is available. Once you’ve sat down, the menu offers a nice selection from burgers to wraps and many different appetizers. This time around I had the fish and chips, an all around great meal. The fish was flaky with a light beer breading and the fries were crispy. For around $12 it makes a slightly more expensive meal but for the quality and quantity they produce, I would say it was more than a deal. 

Overall, The Rush Inn provides a cozy atmosphere for an evening out on the town. Despite the limited parking, the restaurant provides a clean and decorated place to eat with decent price points for the average high schooler. The larger selection on the menu allows picky eaters the chance to explore many options while remaining small enough to not be confusing. The Rush Inn is overall a great place to go out and have a decent meal when you have the time.