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    A Black Hole is Moving Rapidly in Space

    Moving Black Hole
    A Black Hole is Moving Rapidly in Space

    A black hole 3 million times larger than the sun has started to move around at extremely fast speeds 230 million light-years away from Earth. Astronomers are very interested in why the black hole has started to move at such speeds(110000 mph).In a new study, published in the Astrophysical Journal on Friday, a team of researchers studied black holes at the center of different galaxies.

    In the studies, scientists were looking to see if the black holes were moving rapidly or abnormally. Most black holes move along with the galaxies that they are in. This is because everything in space is affected by gravity.

    “We don’t expect the majority of supermassive black holes to be moving; they’re usually content to just sit around,” Dominic Pesce, an astronomer at the Harvard and Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and lead author on the study, told reporters. It is especially unusual for galaxy J0437+2456 and its SMBH(black hole) to be moving in such patterns.

    To study the movement of black holes, the team had to focus on the area surrounding the holes. To do this, the scientists look at the debris, otherwise known as the accretion disk, to read the radio waves. 

    In the conclusion of their study, scientists discovered that of the ten black holes they studied, only the one at the center of J0437+2456 was unusual. It was not moving at the same velocity as its home galaxy.

    As astronomers continue to look into this case, we may be able to learn more about the ominous black holes that terrify many people. We can then use this information to learn more about things such as our galaxy, and how black holes can bend the laws of nature, but for now, it remains a mystery.

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