A Normal Summer?

A Normal Summer?

Ayden Wacker

A long loss of hope is what describes the past year up until now. Recently everyone 16 and older has gained the ability to get vaccinated, which means most people in the United States will be vaccinated in the next month. Could this lead to a normal summer?

With millions of vaccines coming out, people are finally getting hope again that we can get back to normalcy if we really try. A key part of doing this is to not think that once you get your first or second shot, that it is okay to just walk around everywhere without a mask. This could possibly cause another wave, which is why we must wait until states lift their mandated mask rule.

Summer coming up will not be quite as normal as everyone says it will be; there will most likely still be a mask rule but less strict. Certain businesses will likely reopen to what their hours were before COVID-19. It will not be a perfectly normal summer, but will 100 percent be much better than last summer when COVID-19 had just begun.

When asked about how he feels on the idea of a normal summer, Logan Mitchell, a senior at Lakewood High School, said “I really miss the summers prior to last because I got to hangout with all my friends whenever. And this summer I want to get as close to that as possible while also staying safe at the same time. I am really looking forward to having safe fun this summer.”

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation; this is definitely achievable if we can all still be a little safe this summer and reach our needed vaccination numbers.