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    “Fragments” by Kayla Robinson


    I am just a fragment. There is no story of who I am or what I’ll become, I am just a piece of someone else’s story. A story that has nothing to do with me, I don’t shine or grow, I just get in where I fit in. Shoved into life like a puzzle piece waiting for the picture to be complete. Society tells me who I am and what I’m supposed to do because I’m the fragment in their story. I don’t get to make something of my own because I’m only a fraction of a person. My voice, my thoughts, my feelings, my freedom doesn’t matter; they don’t belong to me.

    Society tells me that having a voice makes me loud and angry or that I’m not worth space of my own. They tuck me away in the unfilled cracks of their puzzle, where I am unnoticed and forgotten. I wonder what it’s like to be whole to have my own story and my own life without the restrictions of people telling me that I am nothing but a tiny piece. I’m tired of conforming and not being seen. I want my voice to be heard. I want all fragments’ voices to be heard because we belong in this world too. We are worth more than fragments of someone else’s story. We deserve our own, we are not broken, our skin is not a weapon, our voices matter, we deserve equality. They say “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal..” but it’s not true we are not seen as equal. There’s a sickness here that threatens to divide us and we are all afraid to say its name out loud. There a darkness that is dangerous and aggressive and it gets harder every day to shake it off. 

    When will they see that they aren’t the big picture, that they’re not the only ones who are whole? Why can’t they see that we all have our own story and that they don’t need to take fragments to build themselves up? When will they realize that at the end of the day we all came from the same piece of clay that no one is better or more deserving than anyone else? I will not turn a blind eye and ignore the injustice and unfairness that goes on in our society. I will not back down. I will keep rising and rising until they realize because I’m not just a fragment. There will be a story of what I have become. I will be my independent whole.

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