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    How Students Feel About Dress Code

    Dress code is a topic on which people have differing opinions. Some people think it helps prepare students for professional jobs in the future, while others think we should be able to wear whatever we want to because it really isn’t affecting anyone or anything.

    The Lakewood Times spoke with many students, both female and male, about how they feel about the dress code and the majority said they do not see why we have one. Senior Deidre Hupcey said, “I do not see why it matters if our stomachs are showing or our shoulders. If they distract anyone then that is on them but I want to be comfortable during the school day since it is a good portion of my day. But yet on the other hand, I do understand why we have a dress code so people don’t go around wearing sports bras as shirts with short shorts.”

    Senior Joshua Boykin had a slightly different feeling about dress code. He said, “I don’t really mind the dress code since I am a male but I don’t really see why everyone complains about it so much. I think it’s pretty reasonable hence we are in school.” Truly guys don’t care what females wear, so why is it really such a big deal at school? Everyone still gets their work done. Not having such a strict dress code would honestly keep a lot more students out of trouble which should overall be what the school wants.

    When senior Aidan Dever was asked about the dress code, he said “Honestly I think the dress code is pretty ****** here like most schools but I guess my real problem with dress code is the reason that it’s in place. Like the reason we even have a dress code is because of the teachers and not the students. Also the freedom of expression shouldn’t stop when we come in school, like we are young adults who are discovering themselves and if anything dress code is something that stunts your growth and development. Like my body, my choice should be applied here.” Couldn’t have said it any better.

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