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    Autumn 2021 Fashion Predictions


    During the summer of 2021, the true idea of individuality within fashion became fully realized as everyone experimented with new colors, aesthetics, decades and silhouettes. Many people found comfort in the “Y2K” style since it reminded them of their childhood; this brought back the infamous low rise jeans, butterfly tops, the iconic bubblegum pink color palette, velour tracksuits and bold accessories.

    Cottagecore is another aesthetic that gained popularity over the summer of 2021; the style first started making its appearance at the beginning of quarantine as we collectively lost ourselves in nature and period dramas. Many felt free within this style, twirling around in corsets, peasant tops, victorian gowns and tiered skirts. People were able to express themselves and have fun with fashion so easily during quarantine (there was no one around to judge, it was just themselves at home alone,) but recently, as everyone returns to civilization, they were able to bring this confidence along with them. Now as the seasons are changing and we are shopping for our Fall wardrobes, we ask ourselves the question…how can we translate the styles we have into Autumn?

    Even though the “Y2K” and Cottagecore styles are obviously polar opposites and there are many styles in between this fashion spectrum, there is definitely something new and fun everyone can try as we enter a new season. 

    Firstly, when people look for a new style or a new way to wear their clothes, they should look at the wardrobe they currently have; you don’t always need to have the latest thing in fashion. Using this strategy of challenging yourself to use the items already in your possession in a way you haven’t before will save money, prevent waste and will keep your style unique. An easy way to do this with your wardrobe in the Fall is layering. Whether it’s a classic white button-up with a sweater vest, a long-sleeved shirt paired with a short sleeve, crew necks accompanied with a button-up or a simple sweatshirt with a jacket — you can mix and match your clothes from the summer whilst making them suitable for the chillier months ahead.

    Since Autumn is the perfect time of year for the color brown and other neutrals, you may be looking for a more “dark academic” look. Experiment with plaid or neutral skirts and add a pair of black stockings, finish off the look with a brown or bold red sweater; another option would be to pair the skirt with a sweater vest.

    If you want to have a little more fun with this style or go for a more colorful approach, you can play around with different colors or patterns of stockings (like they did in the 1960s,) and wear it with some miniskirts. Adding in some muted pastels or sorbets within your wardrobe would also be a wise choice.

    Knitwear has increased in popularity recently and it would make sense to add some into your outfits. Cardigans are always the way to go or you can also implement some crocheted tank tops and wear them over a long-sleeved shirt. A great idea to help make your closet unique would be to perhaps crochet some of your own garments or if you don’t have the time, there are plenty of small business Etsy shops with a variety of knitwear garments (buying from small businesses or thrift stores will help you find the perfect statement piece.)

    As we move into the wonderful season of Autumn and search for the perfect wardrobe, let’s remember to stay conscious about our purchases — only buy things you’ll use; buy from small businesses and sustainable shops; buy things of good quality; use the garments you already have. Don’t worry about keeping up with trends, sometimes the more classic looks are the way to go. Make sure what you’re wearing is true to yourself and don’t be afraid to have fun (it isn’t stylish to be a walking catalog,) and disobey the status quo.

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