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    Habits To Happiness

    Habits To Happiness

    What small habits can lead to happiness?

    We all strive for happiness in life and it feels difficult to achieve sometimes. It is easy to assume that life-changing events are what it takes to increase your happiness, such as winning the lottery, but the truth is that adopting small habits is what it takes to be a happier person.

    These three simple habits can improve your overall mood:

    1. Make your bed.

    What if I told you the key to happiness might be making your bed every morning? Your first thought is probably “There’s no way I’ll make my bed every morning” or “Making my bed will make me late to school,” but this small habit creates a feeling of accomplishment in the morning. Once you’ve completed one goal of the day, you’re ready to complete more. If your day doesn’t go as planned you’ll always have a nice made bed to come home to.

    2. Give someone a compliment.

    The act of giving someone a compliment, and making them feel better in turn, gives you the same feeling of happiness. It feels good being kind to others and making their day just a little bit better. Complimenting someone on not just their physical appearance, but their personality, creates a connection between you and them.

    3. Write three things you are grateful for.

    Writing down things you are grateful for increases positivity in your life. It can be as simple as being grateful for your pets. This habit makes you more optimistic about life and increases your chances of recognizing other positive things in your life.

    Students at Lakewood High School were asked to take on this challenge of completing at least three of these habits everyday. Senior Adriana Brahaj spent every day for a week making her bed and giving someone a compliment. When asked how she felt about this challenge, she said, “I felt very organized and when I got home I always had a nice comfortable bed to come home to. When I complimented people it made me feel great seeing them smile.”

    Happiness can come from creating simple daily habits. The key to happiness is much easier than you would think.

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