Save Endangered Animals

Ajay Mahat, Environment Reporter

Scientists estimate that between 200 and 2,000 species go extinct each year. Extinction is a normal process. But we humans have increased the number of extinctions by a lot. We need to try to prevent them from going extinct to keep our environment safe and healthy.

People don’t realize that other living things can affect the environment and can make big changes. For example, plants can die if there are no animals to eat them and this will affect humans because we need oxygen to survive. There are ways for people to help. People should donate some money to help these animals not go extinct. People should try not to buy objects likes clothes and shoes made from endangered animals like tigers and rhinos. You can try to eat less meat. People can try to buy eco-friendly products so animals are not affected by them.

Everyone can start doing this to help animals from going extinct. This may not stop all the problems but it will definitely help. We should take action now before it is too late.