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    “I have a lot of trouble studying. Tips?”

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    It is a big year for students at Lakewood High School. With coming back from online school, it can definitely feel like the pressure is on. We have to think of ways to improve this experience and work just a little harder to get back in the groove of things. A big thing to remember is to keep up with your studying and your grades. What are some useful studying habits to learn?

    A very helpful thing is finding a good studying spot. Somewhere that you find peaceful or maybe not peaceful, whatever you need to focus on whatever you’re working on. Lakewood is full of coffee shops, parks, restaurants and more. Just try not to surround yourself in a setting you can’t stand being in.

    I know you’ll like hearing this one so: take breaks! Don’t try and cram everything in at one time. It’s only going to put so much more pressure on you. Take 5-10 minutes to yourself to relax then hop right back on it. Maybe get a snack or scroll through social media. Just calm yourself down and stay positive; the information will practically retain itself.

    Also, organization can be crucial to the process! You’ll most likely end up losing your notes if you’re not keeping organized. Now, you don’t have to be at clean perfection all the time but whatever organized is for you. It’ll keep you from skipping around and missing things that can end up being extremely important. This can pertain to your workspace or what you’re writing. Color coding, headings, and bullet points may come to be very useful to you.

    Studying is going to be the main thing to get you through this year and it definitely can be something struggled with. Utilizing study spots, breaks, and organization will mean you’ll come into every assignment with A’s across the board.

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