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    Entertainment In Egypt


    Most people in Egypt live a very simple daily life; the entertainment in Egypt is really nice and not expensive at all. There are many things to do in Egypt , for the daily life men like to sit in a place like a cafe such as Qahwa .

    Qahwa is a place where people can sit, play board games as chess, watch football matches and drink coffee, tea or any hot drinks they like. It is a very cheap place to enjoy your time.

    Teenagers like to hang out with their friends, sit in cafes or go to different restaurants and try different food.They also like to go to cinemas and watch different international movies.

    Going shopping in the malls is a kind of entertainment for some people.

    Going to theaters and watching Egyptian comedy movies is a popular kind of entertainment in Egypt.

    Belly dancing shows are good, so many people enjoy them, and there are also so many lovely concerts.

    Public parks are very nice for entertainment; people like to spend their time there with their families and friends and the children like to play and have a wonderful day.

    Something which is really nice is traveling to coastal cities in the summer. There are many coastal cities in Egypt in the north such as Alexandria and in the east like Hurghada. The people really enjoy going to the beaches for swimming, playing volleyball and the kids play with the sand.

    People prefer traveling to the south to Luxor and Aswan in order to enjoy the warm weather there.

    Crossing the Nile is awesome on a small boat to watch the sunset and enjoy the nature.

    Camping is extremely wonderful in the western desert and the oasis.

    There are so many clubs people can join to do different activities and I prefer these clubs and I enjoy joining them with my friends.

    Although there many things to do for entertainment, you have only to choose what you like and what you really enjoy doing and feel comfortable.

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